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Horses for Lease

Lease is a wonderful option for folks who are just getting started with horses. Leasing a horse gives you all of the joys of building a relationship with a wonderful and safe horse, without all of the trouble of horse management (responsibility for feeding, medical care, etc. etc. etc.)

A lease is only available for advanced beginners on up. One horse per rider. 


Age: 20

Breed: Halflinger

Height: 13.3

Shay is a new member of our lesson horse string, and she has quickly become the barn favorite. She is best for someone coming back into riding that would like to walk/trot and lightly canter. Shay loves treats, grooming and attention. Suitable for advanced beginner rider.

Little Muffin

Name: Muffin

Age: 15

Height: 14.3

Breed: Arab/Paint

Mr. Muffin has been a barn fixture with Riding with Class for many years. Muffin is spunky, fun and super talented. He is best for someone looking for a fun talented horse in a smaller package. Intermediate rider is best for him . 

W. Faith

Name: Faith

Breed: Warmblood

Age: 11

Height: 15.3

Faith is a big jumping, forward thinking heck of a ride type of mare. She is best for someone who wants to jump big and explore the world. Faith is a daughter of Crysta Awtry's late great stallion, W. Revenue.

She is suitable for a capable intermediate rider on up. 

Wetzel Pretzel

Barn name: Pretzel

Height: 14.2

Age: 20

Breed: Halfinger

Pretzel is good for an advanced beginner on up. He is a blast to ride in the arena, on the trail or the x country course! Fun all around guy with a great personality. 

Color Intended

Name: Trixie

Age: 6

Breed: APHA

Height ; 15 hands

She is homebred, but spent last year on the east coast. She has been literally hauled all over the US and is a saint. Best for an intermediate rider due to her age. 


Little Muffin

Currently in foal to Rapscallion for 2023 and not available‚Äč for lease. 

MR. Pretzel 

Color Intended